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Nama:Tn. Rohimat [Pemasaran]
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Nomor Ponsel:Nomor ponsel Tn. Rohimat di Cilegon
Nomor Telpon:Nomor telpon Tn. Rohimat di Cilegon
Nomor Faks:Nomor faks Tn. Rohimat di Cilegon
Alamat:Kompleks Arga Baja Pura, Jln. Arga Merapi Blok B4 No.19, Grogol
Cilegon, Banten
Rata-rata Tinjauan PemakaiTidak ada ulasan untuk perusahaan ini - Menulis tinjauan
Tanggal Bergabung:15 Jul. 2008
Terakhir Diperbarui:16 Jan. 2012
Sifat Dasar Usaha:Pabrikan, Dagang, Jasa dari kategori Kebutuhan Industri

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Penjelasan Ringkas

PT.VISI CATUR MITRA ( VCM) was established in Cilegon on July 2010 for supporting many kinds of industrial Plant, such as Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Mining, Power Plants and General industries, especially in Indonesia.
Various of customers target are: Plant Owner, Main Contractor ( EPC) , Sub Contractor ( Vendor Specialist) , Trading Company, or Equal Level Company.

Our Vision

Become a reputable national company with fulfillment capability to achieve customer’ s satisfactory in respective field of company’ s businesses for supporting many kinds of industrial plant.

Our Mission

a.Provide competitive and wide variety of business for supporting many kinds of industries.
b.Become a synergy company with high quality performance to achieve customer’ s satisfactory.
c.Give advantage point for both customer and company.
d.Business continuity with customer.
Our Strategy & Motto
“ Customer’ s Satisfactory is our Goal”

To achieve the eagerly, the company committed to implement value of

To offer competitive price, but reasonable.

To work with good planning, management, execution, controlling, quickly resolution, safety working method with zero accident target, excellent integrity, ethics, responsibility, and team work motto.

To serve with high quality performance and result as priority to meet customer’ s requirements, no delayed schedule, effectively and efficiency in every activity and work.

Our Business
1. Generals Supply and Trading
-Raw material
-Industrial Consumable
-Industrial Spare Part
-Steel Product, etc.
-Internal Parts ( demister/ mist eliminator, packing, bed support, wire mess, perforated plate, pinned tubes, etc.)

2. Engineering Services
Provide detailing design ( strength calculation, shop drawing and Procedure) for following fields :
-Civil, Architecture
-Steel Structure
-Static Mechanical Equipment ( Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Storage Tanks, Silo, Bin, hopper, Ducting etc.)
-Existing Soil Improvement

3. Inspection Services
Provide qualified and certified inspectors in supporting customers to keep the quality product accordance with specification and related International Code and Standard, for followings:
-Material Inspection
-Welding Inspection
-Visual and Dimensional Inspection
-Painting Inspection
-NDE Inspection
-Corrosion Inspection
-Any Others inspection accordance with Customer’ s Requirement

4. Project Management Services
Provide project management services on be half of owner or main contractor to keep on time schedule execution by expediting sub contractor, create the good coordination and communication to all related sections which involved in project execution.

5. Maintenance Services
Provide maintenance Services such as:
-Replacement of existing equipment or part
-Rectification/ repairing/ realignment of existing equipment or part
-Heat Treatment/ Annealing ( locally or totally Heat Treatment)
-Soil Improvement ( Soil Injection, Ground Anchorage) for remedial of existing foundation settlement and soil slope stability.
-Cleaning and Pigging ( Chemically or Mechanically)
-Corrosive Protection
-Chrome Platting and Galvanizing ( Hot Dipped and Plating)
-Skilled Manpower for Shutdown Maintenance

6. Fabrication and Manufacturing
Provide Fabrication and Manufacturing for following equipment or structure:
-Steel Structure
-Equipment’ s platform, handrail, ladder, and pipe support
-Pressure Vessel
-Heat Exchanger
-Storage Tanks
-Silo, Bin, and Hopper
-Flare stack
-Ducting, Damper
-Conveyor Gallery

7. Construction
Provide Construction Services such as:
-Soil Drilling/ Bore Pile
-Concrete Core Drill
-Soil Work ( excavation and backfill)
-Civil Work
-Building Construction
-Large Storage Tanks Construction
-Piping Construction
-Installation/ erection of steel structure, equipment and machine
-Fire Hydrant System

8. Logistic and Expedition
Provide Logistics and Expediting for following product or goods:
-Industrial Products
-Fabrication Equipment and Machine
-Raw Material
-Bulk Product

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